I'm back.......yay!

Well Iv had a terrible time trying to get into this site,even, pleading with admin that I was frozen out:(

But I'm back and lookin forward to completing my 6mths...OMG....half way there...

So in a couple of days I will be moving in with my fellow jan quitters....and what a bunch...:D I just know we will have a whale of a time because we know we are so over smoking.

Carolrose checking in :D

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  • Thank goodness for that, I wondered where you'd disappeared to:o Welcome back :D

  • Great news Carol,

    Amazing nearly six months .

    Just brilliant :cool:

  • Hi Carol,

    I was waiting for your post. Yohooooooooo here we are girl.

    Hélène xxx

    Hi Helene,save me some cake.i like chocolate...lol

    See you Sunday x

  • Glad to see you again. Shocker not been able to log in x

    Yeah.......changed some settings.....did an update and....boom!no entry to my forums.....back now though.

    The funny thing is when I was trying repeatedly to get on I kept thinking everyone will think Iv started smoking again...lol...even though I'm not here as much as I used to be.

    Nice to see Kat posting again,she sure was missed :D

  • Hi Helene,save me some cake.i like chocolate...lol

    See you Sunday x

    So glad you're back, Carol, and so very close now to joining us in the Penthouse Waitingroom. What an achievement!

    Just in case Helene has run out of cake I am heating the oven and getting out the ingredients as we speak. Would a chocolate marble cake fit the bill? ;)

  • Must admit Carol,I did think maybe you had slipped back into the villainous,stinky ways of the Nicdemon :eek: so it is great to see you back and clean x :D

    Not me Max! Not ever!

    I'm totally confident I will never smoke again.:D

    That coming from me,who always looked to fail is some statement.:D

    Happy days:D

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