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Day 2 - so far so good....


This is now my second day of not smoking.

Yesterday went reasonably well. Managed to have as stress free a day as possible. Had a bit of a wobble in the evening when I contemplated dashing to the corner shop for a packet but didn't in the end.

Already enjoying waking up not stinking of fags.

I actually quit in January, did really well until a drunken night out for someone's birthday and that is when a cheeky fag seemed like a good idea. Its been a slippery slope since then and although I didn't get back to smoking the same levels as I had been before I quit earlier in the year, I know I need to nip this in the bud before it takes over me again.

From previous quits I know that the first week is the worst. Particularly days 3 to 5 so am already bracing myself!

Wish me luck!!!

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Welcome Hungry :D


Actually, there is a school of thought that says good luck doesn't come into it. There's some truth in that- we are after all responsible for our own quits- but the less external pressure we have to encounter in the early days the easier it is to hold onto it- so I shall hope you have a stress-free and relatively crave-free day and a splendid weekend. :)

It is a pleasure to meet you and I will look forward to reading your posts. Everyone on the forum is lovely so you just leap in and join us.

Hi Hungry

Well done!

Wishing you all the very best with your quit......we're in this together!!

My kids love that book too, although in Dutch its called het hongerige rupsje :)

Still going.

Starting to have that fuzzy head feeling that I remember from the last time. Like I'm coming down with a cold.

So far my mood has been OK but I suppose it's early days. I remember being almost psychotically bad tempered for the first week I gave up:(

Thanks for all your messages! They really do help!

Keep going, Hongerige Rupsje :D

At least you have the advantage of knowing you'll come out the other side soon. We're all here to provide moral support, lettuce leaves, etc (and anything else a hungry caterpillar needs ;)).

Hi, lovely to have you with us, and lots of great people on here with a vast amount of knowledge, so hit any problems . Please just post

Looking forward to seeing your progress .

Just great you have decided to quit:cool:

Still haven't caved but still feel very foggy headed and also quite grumpy and irritable. This afternoon have been quite grrrr.

It didn't help that I had lost my pack of lozenges but I have found them now so hopefully that should help!

Good luck :)

And a very big welcome to the forum :)

Sometimes we are perfectly sensible I promise :)


Name one occasion :D

Hope you have a better day today Caterpillar

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