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Checking in on day 45

Hello everyone

I just wanted to check in today as I'm actually feeling great! No major cravings and the rage seems to have gone now too.

Sleeping much better (to be honest I was never a great sleeper anyway), skin is clearer and oddly my eyes look less wrinkled and dark circled - didn't realise smoking affected that?

I hope everyone else is doing well too :)

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Fantastic Nicky! Really glad you're feeling more laid back and that the cravings are wearing off. 45 days is mighty! :)

It is amazing what a difference it makes to your skin isn't it? Bet people have commented on it.


Well done Nicky ... I was surprised too at how much better my skin looks and feels. The main problems for quitting for me were the anger and the sleeplessness, both of which seem to be settling down.

Onwards and upwards:p


Nice one Kaz, as the weeks go on you'll be amazed at what smoking affected, don't forget we pumped our bodies full of toxic smoke at regular intervals daily and they had enough to cope with repairing the damage we were doing without keeping up with it's regular maintenance, so to speak. Keep up the brilliant work and keep up posted :D


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