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Hi all, day 33 today. Still doing ok but I'm getting a bit fed up with the dreams.

Same theme all the time, some-one gives me a cigarette, I smoke it (and enjoy it!) then I'm gutted that I ruined my quit so easily! Wake up and it takes a minute to realise I haven't and I was dreaming. Relief does follow but this dream seems to make the morning cravings worse.

Anyone else had this? Isn't the subconscious mind devious and annoying...:eek:

Hope everyone else is still doing well too :)

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Oh dear Nicky , that's just so horrid for you, I,m not to sure on the dreams as only had one dream about smoking.

Just wanted to say WOW. 33 days and going strong, truly fabulous, hope your having treats👠👜💅.

Doing very well indeed.:)

Big congratulations from me.:)


Hi Nicky, I used to get these dreams, I even had a marvelous one where I took a smoking holiday off of my quit,as I was doing so well, traveling on a large pink bus to the countryside and that Pat Phoenix was the conductress and everyone on board was smoking:eek:! Luckily they are few and far between now but the feeling of despair that I'd get when first waking and thinking I'd lost my quit were so intense I knew I'd feel worse if I did fall off the wagon, so subconsciously, I think they reinforced my quit. They will wane eventually so keep up the brilliant work ;)


Thanks for your replies, it helps to know that other people have had them too, I will look up IBAT on google thanks Debbie.

Tracey I am having treats, I bought myself 2 new pairs of shoes and a dress with the money I haven't spent on smoking so far, though it's a shame I didn't smoke actual cigarettes - I would have had enough for a weekend away by now! :D


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