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Day 22 and doing okay

Well ... a new board. I am now at day 22 and am feeling better today. I had my first decent night's sleep last night which has been a big help.

Funnily enough I have also lost 1 kilo, I decided I wasn't going to worry about my weight while trying to give up smoking but as I am already a bit overweight was very worried about stacking it on.

I am still pretty dependent on the lozenges but will give myself another week or so before I try and wean myself off them.

So hanging in there.... hope everyone else is doing okay.

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Hello Kaz, doing so very well and great for you to update us.

I wouldn't worry to much about the lozenge, as it's not a race as and when you feel ready.

Nearly a month under your belt, now that's worth celebrating:):):)


Kaz, you're doing brilliantly! :D

Day 22 is fantastic- you'll have a month under your belt before you know it.

As for the lozenges, I'm with Tracey. Use them for as long as you feel you need to. There's plenty of time to wean yourself off them when the time is right.

Carry on Kaz! :)


Hi Kaz

Well done on day 22, over three weeks in and heading to the month. You should feel pleased :)


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