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54 days today - where did the time go

So after several failed attempts to stop smoking I finally have a quit that stuck. Back on April 26th I attended an Allan Carr seminar in New York City with a friend of mine. Doubtful that it would work I did a little research and quickly learned that at the end of the seminar they would make me through away my smokes - yikes!!! So I did what I would always do when in doubt I brought spare pack of smokes to the seminar for the ride home. My friend that invited me to attend this class had known about my spare pack of smokes and told the teacher so away they went to. Much to my surprise and doubt the seminar has worked wonders and I am truly thankful.

While I will say the Allan Carr way has been exceptionally easy for me I realize that it may not be for everyone. My message is that if you try several ways as I did and still struggle to get a solid quit just don't give up and keep looking for the way that works for you.

I wish everyone well and will come back to visit you all

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