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moving in tonight!

hi everyone!

Tonight at 930pm I will be 6 months smoke free! I can hardly believe it :):)

My life has really improved in so many ways since I finally got rid of smoking. It wasn't the easiest thing to do but I got through it knowing that the only way to get what I wanted was that I needed to go through the process, the whole process. I quit many times before and made it a month or 2 but never gave it the push I needed to make it to the days I have now, I don't think about smoking all the time anymore, I don't snack on food all day, I don't freak out when I am around smokers. I am free from something I held onto and held onto me for many years, something that had all negative side effects!

I really must thank everyone who takes part in this forum , at the beginning and still some days I will just sit and read posts like the one I just wrote and it kept me really is such a great forum and i'm glad to be a part of it!

yay to not smoking :)

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Brilliant yes it is tough at times, but my word you are yielding big rewards, a massive well done from me:)


Congratulations on the 6 months. I'm a couple of weeks behind you so know exactly where you're coming from.

It's incredible isn't it, to be free after being enslaved for so long.

Well done:D


Enjoy the downhill coast to the penthouse ;)


Smokefree, that's fantastic!! :D:D:D

I'm so pleased for you and hope you are as proud as punch (you certainly deserve to be). Welcome to the Penthouse waiting room! It's marvellously busy at the moment but there's plenty of room for some more occupants. Now pull up a bar stool and let me buy you a celebratory drink. :)

Well done you!!


Smokefree what a lovely true post....:D

6 mths that's amazing,to think at the beginning of the " process " we struggled with each day,now it's days when we don't even think of smoking.

Congratulations x


thanks so much everyone :)

im so happy & ready to celebrate with some wine tonight!!


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