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Desperately trying to give up smoking a health scare 12 months ago. I go weeks without a cigarette and then fall off the wagon for a couple of days! The problem is that I experience all the withdrawal symptoms of giving up, anxiety, shortness of breath, headaches and then then the symptoms of smoking again (feeling like ****)!

Anyone else in the same boat. The symptoms stress me out somI smoke which makes me feel worse!

Sorry I meant vicious

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Hi and a warm welcome to this amazing forum. Great to have you with us. for me I could not have got this far without the huge support I receive from this big virtual family!

Have you thought about using something to assist your quit. It may help the terrible feeling of stress you feel !

Ie. champix, patch, ect. It may help.

Lots of great people on here, with great advice, so am sure peeps will be along soon.

Good luck for your future quit:)


Thanks guys. I am using patches but have also found that reading the posts on the forum is a great help. It is the moments of weakness and stress that are the biggest threat!


Welcome, good to meet you.

I did that on several quits. I could quit for 4 weeks or 5 weeks no problem but then the health/momey worries wore off and i convinced myself that this time I'd keep it under control. Yeah right.

You have to get through the idea that ONE cigarette is the solution to whatever 'stress' you have invented to allow yourself to smoke. This is coming from the woman who would engineer arguments with her other half to smoke.

NOPE worked for me Not One Puff Ever. Took away all the doubt.

The only thing one cigarette does is make you want the next one.

Absolutely nothing else. It doesn't solve problems or make you feel better.

Good luck and post lots, this forum is brilliant.

I have not smoked one cigarette this year and believe me the grass is very green on my side of the fence.:D


Bradders and Karri :(

Wish I had some words of wisdom that would make all the difference to you both but I don't. I just wanted to say I can feel your mutual frustration.

Bradders, the forum is the most wonderful place for peer support so hopefully reading old (and new) posts, as well as posting yourself, will help. There's an unwritten rule about when you feel you're going to cave, post and wait for at least three replies. It often works.

All I can say to both of you is that I am thinking of you and sending good vibes and hugs your way.



Thank you for your replies and kind advice. I do believe that this will help as although my wife is very supportive she has never smoked!

Reading the old and new posts certainly helps me appreciate that I am not the only one, thank you.



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