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No Smoking Day
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I made it here!

Hi guys, I don't post much.... I try to forget about my quit. I'm still here, I quit on the 6th April so I'm into my 3rd month.

I'm struggling again! Iv had some major stress the past few days, my best friend has had some devastating news regarding her health, work isn't going too well & I swear I can smell cigarettes everywhere!

I'm sat here alone and can smell them, I'm wanting one so bad! Hey ho :(

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Hang on in there... month 3 can be tough but dig deep and get through this month. It then it starts to get easier.

Step back and think - do you want to go through day 1, or week 1 or month 1 again?

Sending positive vibes :)


I agree it dose get easier, keep going when my brother was told he had cancer I thought I would start again but I didn't as in all honesty the news won't feel any better with a tab puffing away. Your doing great :)


Hang in there Glam. If anything bad health news should make you even more resolute not to smoke as you can saw what horrible effects devastating news has on others.

Hope that your friend is ok though xxx


Debbie & the others are quite right Glam. There's always those times when life lobs a curved ball at us but smoking won't make those things any easier to deal with.

You're doing so well- already into your third month is great! :) Every trigger you successfully wrestle to the floor is a trigger you'll never have to deal with again and every skirmish will get easier. In the meantime I think it is time to treat yourself to something nice to celebrate reaching your third month.


I'm still here guys! Still not smoking :) thank you all for the support :D


Hi .Glam, great to see your still hanging on. Life will sometimes throw horrid situations your way, believe me I know, But may be stop ......... Think........ And only then decide if having a fag will help,.......🐥

Now if smoking will help the situation hay hoe, go for it, But I bet you stop....... Think....... It won't make the situation better .

Hang in there you are doing so so well. Keep going :)


Glad you are still smoke free glam. As has been stated, smoking solves nothing, strange how we think it did x


Hi Glam

Get strength from all these words and this encouragement. I'm having an absolute pooh day so I know how you feel, and I'm only on Day 10 - but you're on MONTH THREE!!!!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT??!!

Please don't chuck it in. You've come so far so get what you need from us to get you over this hump.

As a ten day-er, I ADMIRE YOU! Be proud of your achievement....


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