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Day 8

Hey folks,

it is eight days now since I smoked the last one. Health wise, I guess I breath better and my sense of smell improved.

On the other hand, my blood pressure seriously dropped, along with my heart rate. Before I regularly had 120/80 and now it's 100/65, and I really do feel that drop in blood pressure. Hopefully it will go away soon...

I dream about smoking every single night. Last night I had one of those very vivid dreams. Now I can't stop thinking about that feeling :| In addition, I was actively trying to find threads in the Penthouse where people complain how they still struggle, so that is not a good sign :rolleyes:

However, I am not even close to lighting one up. I just wasn't prepared for this "I will be an addict forever" thingy. In other news, my pet rabbit died from a heart attack 2 days ago and I had my first beer yesterday. So I guess it's a good sign I didn't light up in those situations!

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Nice to hear from you Kacmins, though very :( to hear about your poor bunny. I bet you'll miss him (or her) very much indeed though I'm sure dear bunny had a very happy life with you.

But 8 days is fantastic! You have the first full week under your belt and are steaming into week 2. Of course there'll be difficult moments and days when you feel like pants but every time you surmount one of those hard moments you've won a battle you'll never have to fight again and the skirmishes do get fewer and further between (and easier to win) the longer you go on. For now, just concentrate on the day and let tomorrow take care of itself.

I'm sure your BP issues will iron out too. Be proud of having such low BP- even though I am pretty fit these days I doubt my BP has ever been that low. Good on you is what I say! :)


Congrats on ur 8 days 2 massive triggers there alcohol and bereavement, I'm glad you got through them without smoking good for you, I'm really sorry to hear about your rabbit :( :( hope u are doing ok xxx


Thanks everyone for your kind worlds, it really means a lot. I hope everyone is doing OK, quitting wise! I think I am becoming addicted to this forum...

@Tractorgirl, one beer doesn't really affect me that much and I had it with someone who doesn't smoke. When I get together with all my friends and get a bit tipsy, that'll be the real test :cool: But it should be OK.

@sandbetweenmytoes, thank you!

@Skiddaw, every animal becomes a part of our family. That's just the way it is. I must learn to take it one day at a time, but I always think way ahead about everything so...It'll be tough :) I feel much better now though, went for a 2-hour long walk and I feel great! My HR is only around 65 now, which is great as it used to be around 80 all the time.

@debbieh, thanks Deb, hopefully it'll pass in next few days. No wonder I sleep a lot lately!

@DonnaJ, Thank you Donna! I don't really crave them that much. The only problem is that I think about them a lot, so I battle that with reading as much as I can about this nasty addiction!


I am so sorry to hear you lost your rabbit, it is really hard when we lose a pet, non animal people think we're a bit bonkers but hey ho;). You did really well not to smoke, I think those tablets must really be working as many of us would have just caved, especially so early on into the quit - I'm sure I would have done as when I lost one of my birds for the first day or so I really, really wanted to smoke and I was about 8 months in. The dreams sound a lot like Champix dreams, just not Deb's Champix dreams:p Keep up the good work :cool:


I agree jenninegs, tablets helped a lot for sure!

I have the worst cravings since I started this quit. It started last night, but I feel like it's culminating at this moment. Can't focus, have that sinking feeling in my guts, lightheadedness, snapping at people around me, very easily agitated...And craving like crazy. It might be because:

- I reduced the number of Tabex tablets 2 days ago (per Instructions for use)

- This is the first cloudy day with no sun since I quit

- I have a work deadline and I am not sure I'll make it

- I am supposed to see a couple of my friends tonight to watch the World Cup

I dare not drink alcohol tonight!


Hi Kac maybe u are suffering more today beause your body is adjusting to the lower dose. But we all have bad days so take a hr at a time and ride it out. What team are rooting for. Do Serbia have a football team x

Hey Deb,

we have a football team but (un)fortunately we didn't qualify. We just watch the cup for the heck of it ;)

I am fine now, I had to take a nap and now I feel much better. Also decided to stay home tonight. It might be that I am still adjusting to the lower dose, but it was worse than the first three days :eek:


So you're well into double figures now, oui?

In general::::::

Tomorrow will be easier than today.

Next week will be easier than last week.


Well done Minners :)

S xx


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