Killer headache

Good Morning Non-Smokers,

I was lying in bed last night when I was suddenly struck by the worst headache I have ever had. I could not move or even cry it was riidiculously painful.

The pain has moved into my shoulders this morning - so very odd indeed and needless to say I am hitting the painkillers.

Anyway onwards and upwards.

I hope you are all well today,



4 Replies

  • Yeah I think it is but I have not had one before:(

    I am keeping up the good fight,


  • Ouch- poor you Mel :(

    Hope you feel better later...:)

  • Yeah not good, I have been taking painkillers all day to try and keep it at bay and cant wait to go home and have a rest.

    We have a mortgage appointment at the bank in the morning so it is probably to do with nerves!!!


  • I have gone to bed as don't feel well xx

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