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My reasons to quit

So, I thought a list to refer back to might be helpful when I am pulling my hair out/trying to murder someone/sobbing like a baby!

My reasons for quitting are:

1. Kids

Don't want me to

Setting bad example to them

2. Money

Nicer lifestyle

New car



New clothes

Pay off debts/money in bank

3. Smell

Will smell pretty

Hands won't smell

Won't smell at meetings

Car won't smell bad

4. Health

Can't have pill = pain (I have endometriosis and need to take the pill for pain management. As I'm 35 they won't prescribe it if I smoke!)

Better recovery from ops (Endometriosis again!)

Better skin

Kids health

Don't want have breathing issues when I am older

5. General

Look better

Feel calmer

Better overall lifestyle

Don't want to be an OAP smoker

More time

My reasons to not quit are:

1. It's easier to smoke than quit

2. I will put on a bucket load of weight (previous quit resulted in 2.5 stone gain in as many months!)

And that's it. I think the reasons for quitting far outweigh the reasons for not! Now to just do this thing! :)

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Really good reasons to quit, much much much outweighing your reasons not to quit, don't you think?


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