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Day 7, 6, 5 & 4!

Well what a crap few days, I started to get a cough/sore throat on day 3 (which isn't unusual for me when I have quit before).

Woke up on day 4 and couldn't get out of bed! All my symptoms point towards flu, who gets flu in May..!

So have spent the last 3 days in bed, must have slept about 20 hours a day lol

I feel better today, well I have managed to get out of bed and transfer myself to the sofa!

Just wish this cough would go, its worse now than its ever been.

Anyway the quit is going well and being ill has kind of helped... random.


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Poor you Rustler :(

If it is any consolation, there's a lot of it about. I'm just coming off the back of it but still have a hacking cough and am snotting for England. I agree it was more like flu than a cold- I had quite a temperature and was aching all over and like you, had to take to my bed for a couple of days which is most unlike me.

However, as you say, it's an ill wind as at least it's had the effect of preventing you from even wanting to smoke...

I do hope you start to feel better soon. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and have a few treats. :)

And congratulations on getting your first week under you belt by the way! :D


Tiredness is definitely horrendous at the beginning, I'm still feeling it now again.... Hope you feel better soon xx


Oh dear you are having a few bad days, not great.

Hope you feel better soon;)


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