No Smoking Day
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A much better me

The balance of the week has flown and to my relief no craves!

One of the field techies hid the receptionists smokes - before the long weekend and forgot about it, yesterday she had run out and obviously didn't have money to buy more - and the remembered the missing smokes.

What ensued was a total eye opener! She spent a GOOD 45 minutes searching every drawer and cupboard, for the "missing smokes"

On his return to the office two hours later, she verbally attacked him DEMANDING he return them.

I sat in my office thinking " I am so glad , I am a non smoker" all that drama for 10cm off rolled up weed that you burn !

Then last night I took the family out for dinner, and again was inspired not to smoke , just by watching my oh and others having to pop out for a quick fix!

So I suppose no smoking makes me a better me!

Let's see how I handle this weekend. Weekends seem to be my nemesis .

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Hi. you seem to have this sorted mentally, doing a amazing job!:)

Just keep going :):)


May the weekend prove to be crave-free Dude. :) If it all gets too much try a long bike ride.

And a serious Well Done from me for your progress so far. You're doing mightily. :D


You are doing fabulous, keep that thought. :D

It isn't easy having a partner that still smokes so very well done on your part. I struggle with the weekends as well but now this weekend I will be thinking about all of us across the world who are having the very same struggles and thoughts. Collectively we can get through it. Keep going man great job!!! I am staying on your heels so you best keep going :p



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