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Reality check

So this evening I was meant to be out with a couple of mates, and I was the (self) nominated driver.....still safer to avoid alcohol when with smokers, at least for me.

Lovely evening, warm enough to sit outside a nice pub near the canal much to the delight of my smoking friends. I lasted one drink before I insisted on driving us all home again, overcome with an absolute overwhelming feeling that I'm missing out, am sad and miserable and feel like progress remains painfully slow and tortuous........I was also not particularly popular!

In the real world everyone I know thinks I have been successfully quit since Jan 5th so I just look like a grumpy old sod - all my failures, flops and flounces have been saved for here :eek:

Total respect for those of you quitting whilst living with smokers, I remain so far away from being either neutral to, or disgusted by the habit I am pretty sure I couldn't do it :(

I will just have to immerse myself in self-pity, and a hot bath!


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Oh Mina you poor thing! It must have been really tough for you. Every one of your smoker friends is probably jealous of you as you have been successful in your quit and they still have the filthy addiction. Stand tall and proud as you are doing fantastically!!!


I am so busy being envious I actually forget the opposite is actually reality :)


That's a really good point actually, and so easy to overlook. :)

Mina, please don't beat yourself up. We're all of us hitting trigger points all the time and the point is that you didn't smoke- you took yourself away from the situation when it became too much for you- and that was exactly the right thing to do. You deserve congratulations, not abuse.

I think TG has a point though, in that the more you face down those trigger situations the easier it gets (and the quicker the situation no longer provokes a trigger reaction). You'll probably find the next time you're sat outside a pub with a soft drink you'll be absolutely fine. :)


Hi Mina,

I am with Sarah and Hayley on this. ;)

You are stronger than you think ~ besides one of these days very soon your friends will be asking you for advise on how they can quit smoking and you will be so proud of yourself. :cool:



I think it's very much horses for courses, Max, like just about everything where quitting is concerned. Personally, I had to avoid situations involving alcohol/the pub/other snokers like the plague in the early weeks, but I know some people find it easier to confront situations like that head-on.

Ditto the rolling ciggies thing. I've read more than one post from long-term quitters on the forum (including Penthouse members if I recall correctly) who found keeping fags in the house actually helped rather than hindered during the early stages. Again, I think it would have been a bust for me but I can imagine a scenario in which rolling a tab for someone else and not wanting it for myself would be a boost rather than a temptation.

Whatever floats your boat I think. But I do understand your point and agree that in general, avoidance is the preferred tactic for most. :)


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