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Claiming my spot

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't been here too much this week.

Glad to see my seat was kept ready in the one month room, yay!! Still moving along and trying to change habits and associations. I am thinking that is a bit of the crux of it isn't it?? We miss the habit and all the familiar rituals/routines. That's the worst part I think. I keep looking around feeling like something is missing. I hope it fades at some point..... real soon :confused:

Hope everyone is having a wonderful smoke free day!!


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I have dusted off the sofa and I await your arrival. Please bring sweets, rather empty cupboards here :(


You almost don't notice it happening. I hardly ever have those 'something is missing' moments now. Thankfully. :)

Congratulations Sherri on hitting the Month One room. That's one brilliant achievement and don't you go saying it is all due to the Champix either- it's mainly due to your strength of mind and determination. :)


Sorry about the empty cupboards Sherri - that'll be my fault! I'm turning into something of a food hoover :D

Will stock up the next room for you in advance of your arrival :)



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