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Another week almost done

Seriously in to my quit, and doing ok!

What I have realised is the fact that, a lot of my quitting is adapting and excepting that my pattern of life has changed. Indoingso I now am very very use to no smoking on the way from work, mornings, meals, the list goes on

So hoping over the coming weeks it gets easier, for me:)

But doing ok,

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There are many articles on the internet about the making and/or breaking of habits. All kinds of habits - not just smoking.

Most suggest we can form a new habit in 21 to 28 days - though other research points to a period of 66 days.

I suspect the time differs from person to person - and the nature of the habit.

If you are interested in reading more - just type "how long to acquire a new habit" into 'Google'.

From personal experience - I'm surprised that I can now tap away at my computer keyboard without having a cigarette. Eight weeks ago I would have thought that was impossible. The bonus is I no longer have to 'hoover' my keyboard to remove all the bits of tobacco !

Perhaps some of the 'Penthouse' residents will confirm that breaking with an old habit doesn't remain a struggle for ever.


You have immense wisdom, Tracey, as well as strength and I'm certain your posts inspire many, many other quitters. :)

You're tacking this journey in the most fantastic style and there's no doubt that you're heading straight for the Penthouse.


Well done Tracey,you seemed to have learnt by your mistakes and are really storming through now....really pleased for you:D


Ditto Tracey!!

that is why I haven't been here much, I feel like it keeps me thinking about smoking too much. ;)


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