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6 weeks tonight!


My cold has disappeared, my skin is clearer than I can ever remember it being and earlier today I ran 4 miles without getting out of breath.

Also, our family doctor (the guy that prescribed me the Champix that I took the first nine days) came to visit my Grandma before whilst I was there and it felt soooo good to successfully tell him that I was six weeks smoke free.

Just need to get through the next few weeks and I think I'll have such a better chance of making it to the penthouse.

I hope everyone is having a good week x

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Well done on the 6 weeks. Yeah it's nice to be able to tell health professionals you've quit. :D

What a positive and inspiring post Kirstie! :)

6 weeks is fantastic. I bet it was such a buzz telling your GP that you've been quit for all that time.

I can definitely see the Penthouse hoving into view for you. :D

Thanks everyone, we'll all be there living it up, I'm sure x

Congratulations Kirstie:)

It only seems like yesterday you were on day 1,time flies when your embracing your quit:D

Go girl go, just keep at it.:)

Massive congrats:)

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