No Smoking Day
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Here till Next Monday

Day 22 nearly a month, today is public holiday in SA - since quitting I find I am up at the crack of dawn, and do I wake up hungry!

Whether it's from quitting or the cycling , I have no idea but I have gone from 110kg to 111kg after all the riding I had hoped for a drop in weight:(

Yet funny enough my clothes are feeling baggy , and the OH says she can see the weight loss but I have gained a kg??? Go figure.

Well that's my post my brother and I are doing a 25 km MTB race today , should be fun

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL smoke free day!!!!!!!

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I was about to say the same thing re muscle weighing more than fat. I expect you've been more physically active since you quit (you've been cycling and generally running around in order to keep your mind off smoking) so you're reaping the benefits.

Hope you enjoy your ride today. :)


I've done the same thing, since quitting I've been running a lot and now all my clothes are too big and there is a noticeable difference in my size but I haven't actually lost any weight. I can see all my legs and abs are all toned up now and muscle is much denser than fat so weighs more but is smaller.

Well done x


Well dude it's a fine job you are doing :D

I am just reminding you that I am nipping at your heels lol ;)



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