No Smoking Day
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Day 13 - Lucky i hope!

Day 13 and still going smoothly.

I am starting to forget how much I hated smoking and how bad it made me feel, so sometimes I tend to romanticize it. Trying to remember that'sjust the nicotine talking.

I am noticing my teeth already look much whiter, gums look pinker (looked almost grey before :eek: ), stained fingers are gone, breathing easier, sleeping nicely, saved 100 pounds, eyeballs look whiter oddly enough, skin looks a bit brighter.

Good luck to all other quitters

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Hi Mathew.

All the hallmarks of giving up buddy:D

Well done on 13 days:D but keep your guard up:)


13 lucky for some :D

Yep- every time you get the urge just keep reminding yourself of those good things, Matt, look at your reflection and consider all the compliments you'll start to receive from your friends & family (not to mention your dentist :)).

Well done mate!


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