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3 whole mths.


Can you believe that little ol me :rolleyes: a lifetime smoker and serial quitter has got to 3 whole mths?

No me either:)

Well I'm here with all my jan quit pals feeling very happy and very proud!

I don't think about smoking that much and know that I'm way over the worst of it and feel confident that this is my lifetime quit.

All you newbies hang in there,believe me it's a great feeling to get this far:)

Now where's buttercup with my chocolate cake.....hope she's saved me some:D

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Brilliant post love a success story,:):)

So pleased for you:)

Celebrate big style I hope:):)

Hi Carol.

Yes is is a great feeling, enjoy your cake :D

You deserve it :D

Well.......she's nowhere to be seen:rolleyes: wouldn't be a bit surprised she forgot I was moving today and scoffed the lot!:D


Fantastic Carol! :D

You Jan quitters are positively storming. I'm SO pleased for you and hope you are also suitably proud of what you have achieved.

Now you had better track down Cupster, who has clearly gone AWOL with the cake...:)

Well done Carol - feels great doesn't it?

Best part is that it gets easier as you go along.

About that chocolate cake Cupster promised - sorry but I made Cupster a better offer :D

Well done :) I cant wait for us all to go charging through them penthouse doors :) xxx

Thank you everyone:D

Great support from this forum:)

Onwards and upwards everyone:)

pic4ever.com/images/greenst... Carol pic4ever.com/images/greenst... You are storming this one pic4ever.com/images/47b20s0...

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