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Hi everyone just a quick update week 8 tomorrow.👍 I am feeling fantastic it is getting easier day by day. At this stage I can go for a couple of days without thinking about smoking. Things that you used to do are no longer hard, like not smoking after meals, last cigarette at night. These thing no longer bother me at all. The best feeling has been when stressed not even thinking about it. Yesssss😎 The most amazing thing was when my son said Mum you are never going to smoke again as this time your attitude is different. Smoking is no longer an option for me. Im not running up the hill I'm dancing with the biggest smile ever on my face. Goodbye Nico demon forever.😀 I hope this helps other people and wish everybody success with there quits. It doesn't have to be hard it's what we allow our minds to think.😄😄😄😄😄

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That's a 'feel-good' post if ever I read one, and definitely one in the eye for the Nic Demon.

Many, many congratulations on your 8 weeks. I bet your son is SO proud of his lovely smoke-free mum. :)


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