No Smoking Day
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Into my second week

Thought I would check in and let everyone know that I have been 100% smoke-free for over a week now.

Yesterday a few of us went to a friends house for quite a few drinks and I was offered a cigarette several times and I resisted. I was worried that I would lose my resolve once I'd drank or that I'd feel like something was missing but neither of those things turned out to be the case. It was wonderful to wake up this morning not coughing and stinking of smoke, I'm sure that smoking has been making my hangovers much worse than they needed to be.

Good luck to everyone for the upcoming week.

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Resisting temptation under the circumstances you describe is extremely hard and the fact that you resisted speaks volumes Bigfella, so well done indeed! :D Do you friends all know you have quit now?

I've heard more than a few people say that their hangovers aren't as bad since quitting and whilst I've (oddly for me :o) had few occasions where I've drunk sufficient to have a hangover I've certainly noticed the difference on the occasions when I have had a skin-full.

Onwards and upwards Bigfella- you'll be counting in months soon! :)


Having the power, to just carry on with your quit is amazing, Well done.

Over the worst and doing great:cool:


Hi Big guy,

Well done mattty, you have made a great start:D

The coughing will go completely soon, with loads more benefits :D

Keep up the good work Big guy:D


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