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It's me


Hi, I'm Henny. I had my last cigarette almost two weeks ago. I smoked at least 30 a day for 8 years. I am using patches and the inhalator.I found the first week OK but this one has been a nightmare. Since I already suffered from depression and anxiety, the symptoms of these have tripled this week and I was really concerned. My advisor at Phoenix then reassured me that this is not uncommon and said that they should improve, which luckily I think that they are. The biggest change that I have noticed is that my appetite has gone through the roof but with slimming world and willpower I am just about controlling it for now..

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Hay Henry, great to have you on the best forum ever?

Yes the first flush of quitting smoking, is settling down, but you know it does get better! You are well on your way.

Post and read often it really does help, great peeps on here.

Good luck, and await your posts:):)

Hi henny:)

Depression and anxiety is what had me running back to cigs very time,and you know what?I still used to get it,but smoking made it worse and I didn't realise.

It does seem to set in roun wk 2-3 of quitting,but if you can stick with it,it will pass,esp knowing you are not going to smoke!!,no way!!

It's all mind knows you will succumb if your feeling a bit down.....

Things will pick up soon.:)

Henny, there are quite a few forum members who have battled with (or are battling with) depression/anxiety so you're in good company. :)

You're doing fantastically well- two weeks done and dusted already!

Don't worry too much about your appetite. If you put on a few pounds you'll soon take it off again. Just concentrate on your quit for now and let the rest take care of itself. However, there are again quite a few of us who are also dieting so you're not alone there either.

You'll get all the support, advice and fellowship you need here so read, post, join in and welcome! :)

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