No Smoking Day

:'( Rant (Feel free to ignore)

So ive been poorly this week, came down Monday with a hideous stomach bug - Both ends and I cant shift this rough feeling :/ Ive started craving/feeling the urge to smoke again........ Out of nowhere - I actually dont know how long I went without even thinking about fags!!!!! Im feeling so down, my diets gone to pot (stopped eating completely and put on weight this last week somehow and now want to eat crap) and i havent exercised all week because I feel lousy and I didnt get the job I went for - Im feeling really blue :( Feel like ive hardly seen my little girl or fella and when I have ive had no patience because I feel rubbish, no playing games or having fun - I feel like a waste of space at the mo xxx Cant believe a week ago I was on top of the world - Amazing how fast you can crash and burn xxx

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Hya, you my lovely are not a waste of space! Just venting your anger and if it helps( I have that to) some times life is a roller coaster, but I thank you soooo much for posting, hang on I there, you are doing something amazing, quitting smoking, now that's so difficult, but you are doing it .

Keep posting my lovely, I have faith , all the difficulties will not change if you smoke.

Come on we can do this , I am with you all the way:)


Thanks everyone, im feeling a little brighter today xxx My partner is coming home for the weekend and im having an off diet whole weekend - Get myself feeling good again :) xxx Thanks for the pick up xxx Have a super Easter xxx


Win, sorry I didn't see your post yesterday but very glad to hear you're feeling brighter today.

Yes, have the weekend off your diet. It's a holiday after all, and anyway I'll bet you that when you weigh in next you'll have lost again. The 'gain' will have almost certainly been due to your body retaining fluid following your tummy bug. Just get out & about as much as you can (though don't overdo it obviously) and hopefully enjoy some spring sunshine and you'll be back to normal in no time.

Have a lovely and relaxing time and have a virtual hug from me. :)


Glad you're feeling a bit better, have a great weekend...I prescribe sunshine and Easter eggs :D:D:D


Just keep on smiling. We all go through these rough patches during this process and its easy for us to point our fingers at the fags (or lack of). But as already said, if we give in and smoke now, after all that effort, the same

sh-tty feelings will still be there; and if anything, even worse!

Feeling ill is never easy. So plenty bed rest, curl up in front of the tv or the laptop with a lempsip and a blanket, turn off the lights, close the curtains and watch a boxset or an entire series you like from start to finish. Thats what I do when I feel louzy. And even if it sounds kinda going into isolation mode, it helps. Thinking about something and feeling sorry for ourselves makes it worse... so by all means, give urself so sympathy... but pull up the reigns and fight back! You are doing great... keep going!


Thank you all xxx I cant believe im still craving fags, its not as strong as it usec to be but its there :/ Im still quite adament i wont go back to day 1 though xxx next milestone 6 months :) xxx


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