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Lung Cancer

The biggest motivation for my quit so far. Found out my 70 year old Grandmother has lung cancer today, she smoked for 45 years (she quit about five years ago). I can safely say I have never hated smoking and cigarettes so much as today. I would never want to inflict this pain and heartache on my family again by continuing with this disgusting habit.

Not a very good few days at all, still have insomnia, I have a streaming cold, essay deadlines and now this. Still, the thought of having a cigarette makes me feel physically sick.

I hope everyone else is having a better week than I am.

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Just stopped by, to say so sorry for all concerned .

Your positivity comes through.

Take care x


Sorry for your bad news :)

Lung cancer is my biggest motivation to stop.I just don't want to die yet:(


:( You're having a right old time of it Kirstie and the news of your grandmother must have been a terrible shock. I so hope it has been caught in time and that she will recover.

Take care of yourself won't you? And do try to get as much rest as possible...


Thank you everyone for your kind words.

Feeling better today x


Hugs, stay strong.


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