Psst... still here :)

Hello all,

Ooooooh weeeeeeeeee week 3 for me :D

Yup I am still here. Having really strong cravings today though. ALL day arghhhhh !!! Really annoying. :mad: I haven't had a desire to smoke in the morning for a couple of weeks then bam this morning you would have thought I was starting on day one. Took some teeth gritting to get through but have made it here to mid afternoon. Just got to get through this day(sigh) :o

Hope everyone is having a great day, thumbs up Tracey!!!! :D

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  • Yes my lovely , not easy this quitting malarkey, lots of emotions and reason why we should smoke.

    But smoking does not make anything better, but you know that!

    Keep going my lovely :):):)

  • Good Job

    Hey Sherri, we are both 16days in now. We can do this. Slow and steady wins the race :D

  • Congratulations Sherri, and any other Week 3-ers out there. :)

    Heading towards the end of your first month already! That's fantastic. :D

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