No Smoking Day
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Thinking of quitting

Hi all, am just about to reach the 4 week mark, and to my surprise, it's not sooo bad I feel out of control, however yes I have craves, and my mind does keep telling me to smoke , but you know, as yet not scratched other people's eye ball out, no road rage, not short tempered

I'm aware it's early days, and yes have tried to quit prior, but will just keep going the penthouse awaits me lol

So please if your reading, give quitting a try, you just might surprise yourself.

You know you want to!!!!:)

Hair and skin, improves

No having a wash if mother coming round, as she does not know you smoke?

Clothes smell nice.

No panicking to get in you car after work, quick fag, as they also don't know you smoke

I dare you have ago, lots of different quitting aid available,

Not to mention the cash you save, now I do like that.

Add up what you spend a month, wow it's. lot

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This is a great post Tracey :)

Because you are realising that supporting and encouraging

others helps you, too.

And that is a great milestone to pass

So do more posts T like this one x :D

Yes Max, you are so right it does help me, i just need to keep going Thanks Max

Good advice as always....

Enjoy you hols you deserve a good time:)


Lovely post Tracey. I think it will be a real inspiration to anyone starting out.

You're doing so well and I always love reading your posts. :)


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