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Two weeks since I quit and going through a lot of problems


My name is John and I've been smoking close to 10 cigarettes per day for about 8 years, and I'm 25 years old. I finally quit(my first attempt) on the 1st of this month. I did it cold turkey without much trouble (I had bought gums but never felt the need to have them).

Here's how the past 2 weeks were for me,

Week 1:

The Good: The first few days were much easier than I thought. 2 to 3 craving every day. Breathing was lot easier and my appetite improved.

The Bad: Felt sleepy all day, and no sleep during the nights. Started coughing up some really gross brown stuff occasionally (sorry for going into detail).

Week 2:

The Good: Cravings were down from 2-3 to 1 a day. Sleepiness during the day wasn't as much as in week 1.

The Bad: Breathlessness, usually in the evenings. I have to breath through my mouth and I feel like I'm unable to get air to my lungs. Discomfort and minor pain in my chest.

I am worried about the things listed in week 2. Did anyone else go through them ? How long does this situation last ?

I thought quitting smoking would improve by breathing (That is mainly why I decided to quit). But now things are going the opposite way.

I am really worried about it and would appreciate any advice.



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Smoking will just make it worse. Go and see your doctor if you are having breathing difficulties.

Hopefully it is just things getting worse before they get better.


hey john

well done so far

if you have concerns with breathing then definitely see a doctor

quitting can throw up a lot of issues like yours in the early days I was coughing up gunk for at least the first month, basically your body is trying to expel the poisons, tar and goo etc.

When you do quit you expect to feel amazing because you have stopped poisoning yourself and it will come just not straight away like I said about a month for me.

For the last 8 years your body has adjusted to fighting the nicotine and many other chemicals so its going to take a little while to adjust being free.

it will all get better as time goes by but please see a doctor if you feel it needs medical attention



Hi John,

Thirded. What you describe sounds fairly typical of quitting side-effects (I had the most awful, gut-wrenching cough and a tight feeling in my chest as though I had a really bad cold for a week or so) but it is always worth getting it checked out for peace of mind if nothing else.

My mother in law, who quit a while back, said once that she really wished someone had told her before she quit that she would feel worse before she felt better as she would have expected it and not been so worried about it. I am sure it will be the same for you but please do get some professional advice if you don't start to feel better soon.

Well done on your quit by the way! :)


Hi John,

Firstly well done for getting so far. I don't think I've found anything more challenging than getting to grips with my quit but I think I'm actually learning to accept it now and it does feel good.

I think most of us experience most or all of the things you've mentioned when we stop smoking.

That said, if you have any concerns at all then you should definitely check them out with your GP who I'm certain will put your mind at rest.

The good thing is that you've stopped smoking and I'm sure you will soon start to feel the benefits, both physically and mentally.

Best wishes. x


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