No Smoking Day
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Is this the right place?

Hey ho all, sorry to be AWOL for a few days. It was a busy and very trying weekend however, I am still here. I really had a lot of thoughts about whether or not I want to be a smoker or non smoker blah blah blah. Making a deal with myself to get to the penthouse and then see how I feel, I know weird right??

Day 14 am I in the right place lol. I think so :p

Anyway I just wanted to say happy day to all my fellow quitters and keep up the good work. I am choosing to believe it will pay off sometime soon :confused:

Day 15 and a new room for me tomorrow yay!!!


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Now then lovely, you are definitely at the right place, smoking is the easy option.

We are addicts and all on here want to quit.

You have shown strength, you can make it, it's just so horrid when we reach a brick wall, but we can go through it if we choose with a bit of force.

Please please hang on in there.

No it's not easy.

But we are addicts and that my lovely is going to take strength and time to deal with.

But you can and ARE doing it, please post often to day, as tomorrow you may feel different.

Will keep on line. Please hang on!


Sherri, you ain't going anywhere and that's final. :D

Anyway, with Max in your neck of the woods (in a manner of speaking) you daren't do anything naughty or he'll come & get you! :)


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