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12 weeks ......OMG!

Today is 12 weeks since I quit:)It's gone so fast I can't believe it really,because those first few wks drag:( and your wishing your time away.

I made it to 3 mt last quit,so I know the pitfalls and definately wont be going back.....ever!

I still think about smoking,but not as much as the early days,more of the damage Iv done and hoping it's not too late...never in a romantic way.

So Il be moving on the 20th so make room for me and look forward to seeing you all there x:D

All you newbies starting out and reading this.please hang in there,it will get better....if I can quit anyone can....I thought I wasa diehard lifetime smoker who would never be able to stop....

But I think there comes a time in every smokers life where they have to face the consequences of daily poisoning....and I just didn't want to do that anymore.:)

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Well done to both of you, January was definitley a good month to quit.:D


It certainly was wasn't it? :)

A huge well done to both of you from me. Those months are just running away now aren't they? Fantastic!! :D


I just had a nosy on here and saw your post and thought hey I made 12,weeks on Saturday and didn't even notice, how great is that. Carol you're doing amazing my lovely. I too always get to three months and then fall but like you not this time. No way! Keep going and we will make the pent house together x

Well as you will be there first,you can get the cakes ready....I like chocolate ones:D :D. :D


Amazing job, girls:)

Penthouse in the distance, you can see the lights.:)

Well done:)


Way to go everyone - 3 members on 12 weeks at almost the same time.

Great achievement and the hardest part is behind you :)

Just don't give in to temptation.....


Really proud of all you freedom fighters, 3 months, blinking awesome :) xxxx


Well done Carol, Cupster and Helene, you're all doing amazingly well :D


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