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No Smoking Day
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seventh day

On day 7 now and still OK. First day back at work after having 3 days off.

I woke up far too early today. Normally would have smoked about 5 before leaving the house, and got to work stinking of smoke and my skin all grey looking. Have noticed my skin looking a bit better, although spotty lol. And the whites of my eyes look a lot whiter.

hope noone at work notices me sniffing my clothes and fingers lol. Nice to smell washing powder/soap and not stale fags.

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Oh, have logged into my old account which i had forgotten my password for. Have been post ing as mattymoo.


Matty, I thought you were a girl! :o

(Don't know why particularly, just did).

Many congratulations for parking your first week. That's a fantasic achievement and you should be suitably proud of yourself. Well done mate! :)


Well done, Matty. I thought you were a bloke!:D


First week done, now isn't that great:):)

Just keep posting and reading, doing fab:)


Well done on your first week, it should get a bit easier from here.

My skin is absolutely awful but I'm just thinking of the end result here haha.

I hope your week 2 goes well x


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