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I've spent 80 days since the start of the year NOT smoking, but have never made it beyond month 1 :mad:

Here I am again, and again I find motivation is low.

My quit decision was not driven by current health issues, rather by potential future health issues and every time I have smoked my "last" cigarette I have enjoyed it and said goodbye as if to an old friend I will miss dearly :confused:

My quit is one of logic, of believing I am far too intelligent to spend £1000s killing myself slowly, it is not from the heart. I hoped that if you live it long enough, you believe it, it becomes a way of life.........but today motivation is low.

It isn't craves, not physical at least, more a gnawing, niggle in my head that insists life's journey would be shorter, yes, but also that little bit better if accompanied by a ciggie :(

But I am stubborn! I have plonked myself back on Day One 4 times already because I will not be beaten by this, so this time I'll be stubborn a little bit earlier and break the cycle, there will be no return to day one for me.

I'm not going to smoke today, not tomorrow, not ever :)

I will believe my wise mother that everything comes to those who wait, and trust this is will pass :D

And in the meantime, since I have saved over £700 a lttle bit of frivolous shopping might be called for :p

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You will beat this, I have no doubt.

I also don't have any health issues but thought let's stop whilst the going is good :)

Determination, unfortunately isn't the only requirement.

I tried quite a few times to quit and like you, as time evolved, my determination weakened and I ended up smoking again.

I also "romanced" the whole smoking issue which made it a lot harder to quit.

Your mindset needs to meet your determination - when that is achieved, it will be a lot easier to quit for a considerable period of time.

It will just "click" at some point - believe me.

In the meantime SPEND that cash :D


Nice post Helene! Too right. Never mind the health aspect Mina- we're girlies and we're going to look better in our 50's than we did in our 30's. :D

And well done Mina. You deserve a huge slap on the back for gritting your teeth and holding on in there. :)


Thank you all for the messages of encouragement.

Have been lucky and aged far too kindly for a 20 a day smoker, so am delighted to have stopped before the effects start to take hold BIG TIME :eek:

I'm pretty much chilled again now, been musing rather than failing and have mused myself sensible....

Frivolity purchases = selection of stinky cheese and bottle of 2001 Rioja, to be delivered in time for a little Easter indulgence - at £50 this is about as frivolous as I get!

A no smoking nose will be all the better to smell them with me thinks :D

Nearly Pimms o'clock now :)



Me too Helene :D

Is it difficult to get deli-style food in Montreal then? I always imagined that the French influence would make it easy to find lovely cheese and wine. :)


I'm drooling too!

Sounds like Foodie Heaven to me. :)

Thanks for the info Helene (not that I'm likely to be going to Canada in the near future sadly).


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