No Smoking Day
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Day 32

So one calendar month done! We celebrated by hiking 8 miles in the Peak District, so exhilarating and we are definitely much fitter now.

Still having trouble sleeping but nothing that I can't cope with. Alcohol is no longer a problem but luckily for us it was never much of a trigger.

We're both really positive we are never going to smoke again. Dead proud of ourselves to be honest.

I hope everyone is having a lovely smoke-free weekend and I'd like to thank you for all of your support (: x

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Thanks TG. I forgot to say in this we passed a huge test the other day. We're both a bit stressed with end of final year exams/assignments looming and we stopped off at Sainsbury's on the way to the library for study snacks and we stood at the tobacco counter like "should we buy them?" We came sooooo close but in the end I said no and turned around and walked out without buying anything.

That was a week ago and actually haven't had a craving since. It scared me because it came out of the blue but also we've proven that against all temptation we can succeed!


I know what you mean. I still think about smoking quite often but don't really crave it properly anymore, I just think how nice it would be to have a quick cig, but then I forget about it again soon enough.

Thank you, I really hope that this is it for me now! x


Kirstie well done it's fantastic ;)


Congrats from a fellow 32 dayer. Keep it going :D:D

Just noticed intercity from your signature you quit 2 hours before me.


Yayyy well done! Proud of all us no smoking day people. Did anyone sign up for the text message service? I found it so helpful, in the first week when I got really bad craves and was about to crack I'd get a text from the NHS spurring me on or giving me a gross fact about smoking and it really got me through. They stopped yesterday, I think they were designed for Stoptober rather than no smoking day but either way what a great idea!


Well done to you and your OH Kirstie! :)

Bet your hike in the Pennines was wonderful wasn't it? What a lovely time of year for the Peak District.


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