Still discovering triggers!

We went to bingo a few nights ago - first time in about 10 years. The last time I was there, I remember puffing away during the games - would probably smoke at least 10 in a few hours. It was very odd sitting there this week (the smoking ban now means you can't smoke inside anyway) without a cigarette. For the first time in ages I thought about having a cigarette! It was a brief and mild crave but it took me by surprise!!!

Anyone else had something similar?

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  • Gosh, after reading many posts, have realised, mr NICO just keeps popping up when least expected!

    When does he give up?

    Your doing great, note to my self. Mr NICO cam pop up any time , be aware!

  • I don't seem to have "craves" as such any more - more like associations with certain events.

    Being a good 5 months in, it's so much easier to just move on from those thoughts and think about how I'm going to spend all that money I have left over by not smoking :)

  • I don't seem to have "craves" as such any more - more like associations with certain events.

    Yes, same here. Had a moment like that in the garden earlier. I had finished the weeding and this time last year that would have been one of those 'reward fag' times. Just for a second or two I felt there was something missing (so I had some sugar-free gum instead). It soon passed thankfully. :)

  • These surprise craves will just continue to happen and will only pass as time passes and we learn to live our lives again as non-smokers. We were able to do it before we started smoking so we sure as hell can do it now. Just have to stay strong and not give in - even though these last few weeks, for some reason, i feel very weak and vulnerable. Ive allowed myself drink beers as those rewards but its a smoke i want deep down. If i can just get through the next month or so Ill be fine. Batten down the hatches.

    Anyone else experienced what could be described as anxiety attacks? or feeling very tensed up unable to relax... over the most stupid of things? Even though ive been sleeping fine, I feel so tired all the time. Cranky. What the hell is this? Im six months in! This should be behind me now!

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