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Been having "rogue" craves that come out of nowhere, I thought I was through the worst? Obviously not, most of yesterday and last night.

Please tell me the whole of week 3 is not going to be like this ? Tomorrow is my last day in week 2 and barring these rogue, ninja assassin and TOTALY UNSANCTIONED attacks yesterday has been a breeze, if week three is hell , I will stay here another week and jump to week four next week lol.

Hmmm maybe that's the plan, confuse the nicodemon with a little subterfuge **grin**

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I think week 3 is definitley a tricksy one and any subterfuge you can think of would be a great idea. From my experience you are over the constant craving but not over the sudden 'I want a cigarette' tantrum attacks.

Put this in perspective you are over the worst but not out of danger. You're guard is down because you're starting to forget about smoking then like you say Ninja attack. It can be depressing because it feels unfair and you start to ask yourself is it worth it. Am I always going to suffer this?

Remember the only reason you're under attack is because you started smoking NOT because you stopped.

The good news is it will stop, the only way it won't stop is if you take one single puff. That will start the process all over again.

You are doing amazingly well just hang in there. This will stop but give your body time to adjust. I never suffer craves now and my life is far sweeter without being a slave to a plant. You can do this. NOPE


Just keep plodding on:)it's the only way!

Take a day at a time,there will be good days and crap days,there will be days you think you will go mad:rolleyes:

But things will ease up and get better:)and you will wake up one day and just know you are through the worst:)

Just keep going:)


These out of the blue cravings are a real pain. I struggled yesterday, been fine all week, but yesterday it took all my willpower not to buy some. I am fine again this morning, so far anyway. I think it's nasty nicotine devil getting afraid we really mean it this time and is fighting his demise. Keep going we don't need those stinky sticks


Hang in there Dude - you can do this. Get through this week and it will get much easier. It's all psychological now - fight nasty nic with all your might and he will slowly start to ease up on you. Just keep thinking about your reasons for stopping.

Good luck!!


Thanks everyone for the encouragement :)

At 11:00am I loaded the bikes on the trailer and went for a long ride with my wife and son.

My wife is so shocked at how fit I am getting :) she even commented that I am "Shedding" weight what is even more surprising, is that she says I am even getting proper cyclists legs.

If that is not enough motivation to stay the course then i don't know !!

So here is to tomorrow being the end of week 2 and bring on week 3 lets get it over with


Remember the only reason you're under attack is because you started smoking NOT because you stopped.

Very wise words from Sue. Says it all. :)

Hope things are easier for you today Dude. You're doing fab mate. :D


Hy, your doing so well! Just keep going, will get easier. If you don't give mr NICO time, he has to disappear, and move to some one weaker.

But you are strong, you can do this, you ARE doing it. Keep going:)


Week 3 is a toughie - but forewarned is forearmed :)

Plan, plan, plan

- be busy, schedule something to do for each evening, each day.

Eat your fave foods, treat yourself, go to places where smoking never was an option, indulge in long hot baths, drink ice cold drinks, read a good book.....

Plan, plan, plan

And you will rock it :cool:




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