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9 Months next week

Just checking in, I always find myself back here at some point.

Next week i make the 9months mark, Iv not craved fags for such a long time but for some strange reason today I could just have one, got that craving for the smoke hitting off the back of my mouth!!!

Doing my head right in iv gained weight since coming off patches, which I'm not happy about. But must try harder at fatties now.

Hope everyone doing great :) :)

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Well done on the 9 months. I'm dreaming of following in your footsteps:D

How strange to have a crave out of the blue.

Was there a trigger? Place or person you've not seen in awhile?


Hi sue, I think it's been nice sunny day and the thought of sitting outside lol, really honestly not thought about fags for such a long time. But had a crave for a few hours, its gone now. :)


Yeah the change of seasons means we're doing 'firsts' again. That makes sense and thanks for the warning. :D


Well done Angela :)

Nearly at the Penthouse! We shall be cheering you down the home straight very soon now.


Hay, well done, am sure you have had ups and down,s, but the penthouse is in your view.

Hope your celebrating, you deserve it:)

I'm sure this quit is the most valuable an rewarding, thing as individuals we can do:):)

Hap hap happy for you x


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