No Smoking Day
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Day 30

Yes I am still smoke free. Did have a few days until recently when I came down with cold/flu like symptoms but glad to be feeling a lot lot better. Still have odd infuriating cravings for the weed. So i did a little self test...dug out an old ashtray I still had tucked away in my utility room which was smeared with the ash but no fag ends in there. Decided to take a good remind myself of what they smell like and also to get a true indication of how much better my sense of smell now is.

I have just come back in the house from a much need few mins in fresh air. I didn't know how id react to the smell of cigs... But basically, I dry retched, coughed and had tears streaming from my eyes...all from one sniff. I don't see myself reaching for a cigarette ever again.

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Hope your proud and having a treat to celebrate the month mark brilliant.:)

Yes I guess the smell was just rancid! But has just reinforced your commitment to your quit.

Hap hap happy for you:)

Reply complacency here but once we get ourselves past those first couple of weeks it should be a lot lot easier to say no to the weed. Now at the stage where I don't see myself as quitting smoking...I call myself an ex-smoker and mean it.

Hope you stay strong too and win. The rewards are limitless.


Go girl go, liking that ex smoker. :):):)


Well done you! And what a good idea to sniff the ashtray! :D

You sound really in control of your quit. Many congratulations from me. :)


Much appreciated...truth be told...hardest days were days 1-4....slowly got easier after that. As of 31...can't believe I am saying that! :D cravings for a cigarette are once a day now at worst.


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