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Another day!


Well although its not been the easiest 3 week, I have not been scratching walls, pulling my hair out, or even irritable with oh.:cool:

It's rights I'm having craves, but am getting by:eek:

New room tomorrow.::)

The practicalities of quitting are settling, am adapting, to not smoking in my car after work, or not smoking in a morning. :)

While I am still all consumed with my quit hoping this will improve with time:cool:

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You are doing great Tracey! You've done the hardest part, so I'm sure your quit will be easier now. Hang in there and stay positive !!


Well done Tracey.

I know it's all consuming at the moment but it does get better.

It gets brilliant in fact.

Just think you won't have to stand out in the rain or sniff yourself on the way into a room to check you don't smell. You'll be healthy and wealthy.

We just have to be patient and ride out the bad times.:D

Thanks all, still quit, am dropping down patch level tomorrow, as I really started my quit around 22nd feb , but had a couple smokes one night, re the new quit.

So am going in month one, packing my bags and ready to go:)

Good morning Tracey!!!

Glad to hear you doing well today and moving right along. Look at you go girl :D

I hear the decor is much better in your new room can't wait to see it. ;)

You're rocking it, keep going.... xo

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