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How much normal people eat???


its been 19 days since I switched to e cig and reduced the nicotine level from 18 to 12mg.

BUT!!! Boy! am I eating??? OMG! I quit after 8 years ( one pack a day) .. my apetite has increased but I didnt know that non smokers eat this much or is it just me?

has my appetite increased or normal people DO eat this much? I have totally forgotten my eating pattern 8 years ago.


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Awwwww, I know how you feel! I have a 'thing' about weight gain and as a smoker I was always a size 8...8stone 2 Ibs ...I ate the same throughout my quit so far (as I so didn't want to put on weight) and STILL put a stone on!!! I am now a size 10-but most people say I look 'healthy!!!

I think It is wise to stick to a calorie awareness diet- so for a woman thats' 2000 calories...people have said to me you 'usually' put weight on as you transistion from a smoker to a non-smoker during the first 6 months-I am at 7 months now and have recently lost 4 hopefully be at 'normal weight' again soon...just nibble healthy food-celery sticks, carrots, raisins...stay away from sweets and crisps!!!:D


Hit,well I so know what you mean, but hopefully eatiing pattern will settle soon,

Quite normal to have this as a side effect after quitting , but the good news is you can loose some weight, when your more comfortable with your quit.

I have put weight on but better to be a little larger, than a skinny corps me thinks :):o


Cant class myself as normal, but I quit after many years smoking and put 3 stone on so went from 8 to 11 :eek:, like sweetb I had a bit of a problem with gaining a pound so was devastated, have now got down to the point were I hover around 9 stone but have been told by all the people who know me that I look 10 years younger, and you know what I think I do LOL and that's not being conceited its being honest and loving being a none smoker.

The weight will stabilise eventually and if you can do a bit more exercise that will help as well, if you are really worried check out minimums they have SW recipes and its great, helped me lose most of the excess.

Treat yourself every day though, you so deserve it, well done on your quits.


I got a text from the NHS yesterday that says "Don't worry if you've put on a bit of weight. You'd have to put on over 5 stone to equal the health risks of smoking."

In the end we have to choose whether we want to live longer and happier or look skinny and be smelly. I'd choose happiness and health every time.

Plus there are studies that over a longer period of time we lose the weight we put on after quitting anyway.


Oh hooray, I've still got 4 stone to go.

I'm with Tracey on this one. A skinny corpse is not an attractive look!


A skinny corpse is not an attractive look!

...not according to the result of a survey I saw today (in the Metro,)...

58% of women would rather be thin and unhealthy than fat and healthy :eek:



OMG the stick insect world of 'beauty' has a lot to answer for.

That really is quite scary, especially seen as most men seem to like curves. Well they do from my experience anyway:D


It's in the graphic, Karri...half way down. Attached is a screenie for your viewing delectation :D



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