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Day 5 Nightmare LOL

Day 5 ! two more Days and I have been quit a WHOLE week :)

I battled to fall asleep last might :( and when i finally , did fall asleep i had a nightmare that i had started smoking again, when I woke up it felt so REAL including the feeling of disappointment and self loathing for smoking LOL.

This morning when i woke up again, i remembered that I had smoked last night I sat up looked at by side table and what a sense of relief, when there was NO sign of the familiar smokes lighter and STINKY ashtray then it all cam back to me that it had all been a dream.

Talk about emotional roller coaster , from felling worthless when i woke up to feeling elated that i had not smoked and was on Day 5.

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Wow, nearly a week , now that's worth rewarding your self a little treat.

Not easy this quitting, however I often read long term quitters early posts, it helps.

Just keep going, and dong what you need to to do to stay quit.




Dude, as Karri says, the famous smoking dream is a really good sign and indicates your subconcious is accepting that you've quit forevermore. Do a forum search on the smoking dream for more info. It is a lovely feeling when you realise it was only a dream isn't it? :D

Well done mate- you're really steaming ahead now! Huge congratulations from me. :)



i can't believe so many people have had the same dream bout smoking again!

It goes to show how heavyly quitting or fear of failing the quit plays on our subconscious mind,

I can't speak for anyone else but my "Quit" has been months in the planning and preparation with me reading about smoking cessation , NRT yada yada yada

I wanted to know what i would be in for EVERY step of the way and how long each step would take LOL.

After all i have invested into this 5 day QUIT i would be gutted if i "Slipped" and went back to smoking!

hmmm so i suppose that means i am for lots of "Smoking Dreams'

Another thing, is it normal to be battling to sleep from as early as day 3 , and not to mention the serious lack of concentration, what would normally take a few minutes now takes twice as long as i find my self "flustered" and like i am not in control of my thoughts.


Lead the way

Hey Sa-dude, you are one day ahead of me- good job, you are leading the way and I look forward to following in your success every step of the way.

Keeping myself distracted is what I am trying to focus on every hour of the day, one day at a time. :)


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