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Day 3

Just joined today, gave up smoking at 9.30am on April 1st (not a April fools joke) day 3 has been tough and so after searching the web today for support from people who are understanding and know exactly how and what I am going through I found this website, thank you, just what I am looking for. I have been smoking for over 25 years just over half of my life. I have tried many times to stop smoking however I am very confident I am going to win this time. I am using the mist spray at the moment and going to try hypnotherapy tools to help me through this journey. Thank you for being here :o

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Welome and good to meet you. You're doing well and it only gets easier.

Post tomorrow morning and let us know how you're doing.:)


Hay, a lovely warm welcome. :)

Please post and read as needed,, always some one around to help.

Look forward to your posts:cool:


A warm welcome from me too, Chabozim. :)

Congratulations on your quit! Getting to Day 3 is a real achievement. I am sure the hypnotherapy will help. My BIL quit when my nephew was born (31 years ago) using hypnotherapy and he was a 40 per day smoker so it can be done.

Keep posting and reading and we shall be here every step of the way. :)


Thank you

Wow thank you for all your support. I woke up this morning really craving so I put the pillow over my head and went back to sleep for another half hour :D. I have used the spray four times already this morning and it's only 11.13am. Going for a run in an hour so that is helping me focus.:eek:


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