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In light of the debate today about banning tobacco branding, just wondered whether you lot think it will make any appreciable difference? Personally, I doubt it would have had any impact on me when I was a determined smoker, other than probably to irritate me and make me all the more determined to continue smoking. Still, I suppose until it has been tried, I shouldn't judge.

What say my fellow forum-dwellers?

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I can't see that it will make much difference... Especially to kids like Karri said most kids nick them out of their parents packets when they start xx


It will hopefully put more adults off though, which can only be a good thing ;) ;)


Times have changed, and teenagers are rebellious, but hope fully, they may choose the e-cig, as opposed to cigarettes , that was not a option for many of us:)


Well we can but hope....

I think it will not stop existing smokers but might stop one or two younger smokers from starting.

I grew up in a home where no one smoked, and most of the adults I came across were non smokers too, friends didn't smoke either.

Without advertising on packets and in magazines I might have hesitated to purchase that first packet since I wouldn't know the brands and would fear looking stupid by asking for the wrong thing or saying the wrong name

Bit of a conflict between curiosity and not wanting to look like an idiot might have saved me thousands of pounds :D


British and American tobacco are a very powerful company and organisation,they will have a big say in weather or not things like this happen or not:mad:

The governments of whatever country will have to take on board there advice, because they the people in power are the ones making big bucks out of tobacco:mad:


Branding never meant anything to me as a 16 year old.

I smoked because I wanted to and not because of a fancy packet, branded in a certain way.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing :)


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