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Ups and Downs

Just a quick catch up and wanted to say that despite a few ups and downs I haven't smoked a cigarette for about 3 weeks.

It's finally beginning to sink in that I can do this but I daren't be too complacent or confident yet, there's still a lot to prove - to myself and everyone else.

Apart from the odd urges that inevitably crop up I'm discovering the fact that life can go on without smoking and feeling much better for it.

Just got to keep going now because I can't face the thought of failure this time. I know that to give in would be a retrograde step.

Reminding myself all the time that nobody NEEDS to smoke and so far it's working for me.

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This is great Linda really pleased for you, although you feel you have to prove something to other people ultimately you have to do it for can do it, you ARE doing it! You should be proud of yourself :) xx


Linda a really big well done from me, we can do it. All of us :)

Regards Paul


Linda you are right not to be complacent but I think you are half way home. There's two things that really stand out in what you said.

Firstly life can be 'normal' without cigarettes and you just get on with it.

Secondly reminding yourself that nobody needs to smoke which works for you. It's not what you're saying but the fact that you've found the golden egg which gets your mind in the right place.

I'm really glad for you, you've done the tough bit. :D J

Now that's all you have to do is NOPE and you have a happy, healthier, wealthier life ahead of you.


Hy, how well your doing! :):)

We just need to keep going, day a a time, we can do it!


Well done Linda!

I'm with Sue. I think you have every chance of this being your forever quit. :)


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