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First Job Interview After No Cigs for 7 months+


Yesterday I had my first job interview since I quit more than 7 months ago (woo hoo!) after 11 years of smoking.

What a difference!

Way more time to mentally prepare, way more present during the interview instead of my mind getting hooked by nicotine cravings when the interview starts getting a little too long, way more focused, way more relaxed, way better performance...all this resulted in much less stress and anxiety than I used to experience. Cigarettes were creating all those frazzled feelings. Then I'd smoke to deal with those feelings. Feelings created by the cigarettes in the first place! A vicious cycle of self-destruction, I tell you!

It is the best feeling in the world when you can rely on you and only you, rather than external objects like cigarettes.

Just wanted to share this with my fellow quitters and potential quitters who may worry that they won't be able to handle stress, anxiety, and nervousness without cigarettes. You will, believe! :)

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Fantastic post Isabella- so true and something to remember next time we're in one of those situations which would once have had us gasping for a fag.

I do hope you get the job. :)

Brilliant post and thank you for sharing. Bet you get the job an all! Just imagine there was no stench of stale smoking off you which non-smokers (and now us) can pick up on instantly and its not an attractive trait - plus alarm bells instantly go off in an employers head 'this person smokes they'll be taking smoking breaks all the time'. I know who'd Id give the job to!). And even if you dont get it - least you have noticed the change in yourself and its onto the next one with even more confidence knowing that you are now in a position to best represent yourself and push yourself to the front of that queue!

Really feels like we're living new lives as non-smokers now. The new improved us.

Well done again! Very inspiring post.

I actually found interviews much harder in the first few months after stopping. I am quite introverted and find interviews hard at the best of times. I guess the nervous energy and general dread was amplified by not taking time out and almost caused a panic attack.

It did however feel good to go in not stinking or getting tetchy after an hour!!

I've since read up on breathing & mental exercises so hopefully wont be such a wreck in the future!!:o

Thanks everyone! I hope I get the job as well.

Craig, the stench of smoke...I can now completely smell it, and I am embarrassed that I too once reeked of that.

Relatedly, I went out on a date with someone who is a chain smoker...and it was not nice. The interruptions to go outside and have a smoke or remain outside in order to puff away, the bad breath...especially the bad breath. Just from talking, I could smell his breath. I'm torn between implementing the dating criteria that one must be a nonsmoker. Is that wrong of me? On the one hand, I know how difficult it is to quit. On the other hand, I really don't want to be around it anymore when with a partner. I don't know.

Dave, quitting smoking absolutely works in different ways for each individual, so I completely understand it being hard when it comes to interviews. I hope your techniques will help you out!

I will admit that the moment I exited the building after my interview, the urge to light up as relief/reward struck me as fast as lightning. But it left as quickly as it had come.

Oh, and one last thing: I can completely hang around smokers, even when drinking, and not feel the urge to light up. Last week I was having drinks with a group of all smokers, and one who did not know that I had quit gave me his pack of Marlboros. I was good and said no. I truly didn't want to smoke. I never thought I'd ever get to that point!

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