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Day at hospital daughter and my buddy

Had my buddy over night as usual,.

Daughter rang me at nine could I pick her up not well, straight to the hospital, what a day, any way in and out all day with little one, people smoking every where, did not cave in.

How ever I now have the most terrible headache feel sick and could easily smoke, I am so fed up of all the c..p that happens.

Could so smoke, not that it would do much but might relieve the stress!:(

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I do feel for you Tracey, it never rains but it pours sometimes.

Hope all is well with your daughter now, what a worry for you :(

Don't smoke though hun, not gonna make anything better, not even the stress - that's just a big fat myth



Actually think it was around ten ish, twisted ovary. My poor daughter, just one thing after another.

Off for bath.

Just so fed up with all the c..p.

New day tomorrow..

Will try and get my positive head on.



At least today with all that c##p going on you did not have to keep nipping out to smoke. You could concentrate on what was important and not feeding your addiction.

We both know it won't make you feel any better if you smoke tonight. You've got through a really stressful time without it.

Reward yourself tonight by all means: but with a real reward not something that's poisoning you. A nice bath sounds like a great start.:)


Poor you Tracey- you really do seem to be going through the mill at the moment don't you?

However, as the others have said, you have fought tooth and nail through crisis after crisis without giving in and however tired and fed up you were last night I hope you also gave yourself a huge amount of credit for that (and for providing your daughter with the support she so obviously needed). Well done you. :)

I hope you will find some time to indulge yourself today. You deserve it.


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