No Smoking Day
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Day 7

Seems impossible that I'm on day 7! Apart from day 2, this week has actually been much easier than I expected, but I suspect that's largely to do with the Champix doing it's job.

Plans ended up changing and I popped over to my mum's yesterday instead. I just caught her as she was about to leave to go to the shops so we had a cup of tea and I could see her getting really twitchy to leave, then it started raining with thunder and lightening and then she was *really* worried. Not only was she going to have to go to the shops in that weather, (she only needed fags) she was going to have to stand out in it to smoke later too - there's no shelter in her garden!

Despite usually sneaking out for a fag with my mum, I wasn't bothered at all. Then, last night I was in on my own, Mr was out, eldest boy staying out for he night, youngest boy soundo so I kept myself busy with working on some new designs and eating a lot.

I'll probably be the size of a house in a month and some flavours are so strong now that they actually hurt my tongue but I can always lose weight later on down the line when I'm clear of this. One step at a time.

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Fantastic achievement! :D

You deserve a huge pat on the back and as much chocolate as you can eat. :)

A whole week done and dusted! It'll be a month before you know it.


Well done on a week. Must have been a good feeling knowing you didn't have to stand in the rain.


Whoop. Whoop

It all seems to have gone so fast,looking back don't you think? :D

Any way we all got here....that's the main thing A nice relaxing Sunday

# happy days


YAY for getting to Day 7!! Sounds like you're doing brilliantly :D

Oooh your mum getting all itchy for a fag and having to go and get wet to buy and smoke them - how familiar and how lovely that it isn't us any more!!


You are doing brilliant! Day 7 already - that's a fantastic achievement :D


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