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I hope Champix really works!!!

Hi All,

I'm on day 8 of the Champix course and only smoked three drags of a roll-up before disgust and non satisfaction made me stub it out. It's now after lunch and I've got the craving to light up but am posting this instead!

I found this forum today as my wife who's also "Champixing" felt very nauseous this morning after her pill ..... she hadn't eaten!! I quickly learned from the experienced quitters in the forum that taking Champers on an empty stomach is asking for it ..... thanks!!

Having very lucid dreams which can be quite enjoyable but they're not as bad as the one's I had when I once forgot to remove a Nicotine patch overnight.

Also feel a bit "cream crackered" but apparently this happens as well so I won't worry ...just go with the flow!


PS Posting the above has certainly lessened the craving ... perhaps I should start on the long awaited novel!:)

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Hiya and welcome Charlie :)

I'm not on Champix, but loads of people here are or were and they're like total non smokers now!!

Posting here really does weaken your craves - and you can learn everything you need to about breaking free from fags - plus have a giggle too :D

Good luck to you and Mrs Charlie!!


Welcome Charlie the magic blue pills they do work believe me.

Are we still talking about Champix here Deb? :p x


Ha Ha Gem yer that's what I call them. Shouldn't really people might think I mean ****** x

Lol, well i did wonder and you know what an innocent flower I am :p xx


Hi Charlie

I.m on day 8 of Champix as well, i havent smoked as many as i normally do today but tbh i.m feeling a wee bit nauseaus right now, hopefully it does go away, i did have something to eat this morning before i took the magic blue pill so maybe something about going onto the higher dose....good luck with it i`m sure we can do it:D


Good luck with your quit!

I'm currently on day 14 of Champix and have found that forcing myself to have breakfast before taking them helps and also making sure I don't take them close to bedtime.

I do get bouts of nausea with them still every now and them even when I've eaten but it's got to be better than smoking.

I'm 5 days smoke free now and although I'm still craving on and off the cravings are not as bad as I've experiences with NRT and I know that a fag would make me sick now anyway.


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