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Hello everyone,

Newbie here on my umpteenth quit attempt. I've tried just about everything over the years and the only thing left is Champix and finding the willpower I need to stay stopped.

I'm a mum of 2 beautiful boys and am married to a non smoker, they all desperately want me to quit but sort of allow me to get on with it (I smoke outside).

I am now on day 5 of Champix and not really having any side effects so far apart from a bit of nausea in the mornings after taking it. My enjoyment of cigarettes doesn't seem to be diminishing yet though although I have noticed that the after taste seems worse - is this what it does or is it in my head?

I originally set my quit date for day 10 - the pharmacist said it should be day 8 but I'm not really feeling any effects yet so wanted to wait an extra couple of days to be sure. I really don't want to do this again.

I have so many reasons for quitting but the tangible ones that I can keep focused on are that I'm turning 30 on 19th March and I want to be a non smoker by then. We have a trip to NYC planned for my 30th birthday, we are going without the kids for the very first time and are so excited but we need to save a lot of money for spending there and I don't want to be there in the queue for the Empire State Building thinking 'I need a fag'.

Today, I've been watching Allen Carr's easyway dvd on youtube and it's got me wonerdring if I should just finish the 3 cigs I have left then throw everything away and say that's it. It would bring the quit date forward which can only be a good thing but is there going to be a voice in my head saying 'you still had 5 days left'.

Will the affects of Champix start to become noticable over the next few days that will make a big difference to how ready I feel or would you go for it as soon as possible?

I wondered if anyone could share their experiences of Champix with me, I want to quit but I don't want to undermine my chances of staying stopped.

Really appreciate any advice and support, I imagine you'll be hearing lots from me over the next few weeks.

thanks in advance x

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Thanks so much, I wasn't expecting such a fast reply and the support means a lot!

I'm on day 6 (0.5mg morning and night), just had a look at the start pack and the full dose is actually 1mg morning and night so looks like I have another couple of days yet which would explain it, I guess I'm just at the weaning-on stage!

I'm thinking that case, I'm going to be best waiting until I'm on the full dose - I thought I was already!

You've just reminded me that I actually have the book on my kindle so I can start reading that (again!) today and hope that it starts to brainwash me over the next few days.

I can't wait to get rid of this habit (even though I'm typing this thinking about my next one!) x


The farts? Oh lordy, I haven't noticed yet, but sounds like my husband is in for a treat, perhaps I'll be standing outside for another reason lol

I have him a warning re the possibility of depression as a side effect and he's keeping an eye on me mood wise seems ok so far. I'm a very positive person so if I start to notice more down than up days, I'll get some advice from the GP.

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks also Max, I'm hoping that nothing will change side effects wise when I up to full dosage, but I'm taking your advice on board re jumping too soon as I'm very wary of that. I want to be completely brainwashed first.


Day 7 - Feeling generally a bit fed up with a sort of dull headache and no motivation to do anything at the moment. Possibly just January blues combined with having little work this time of year (I'm self employed) and generally a bit out of sorts.

Took my night time tablet a few hours late last night, a bit closer to bed time than usual and had a sort of weird sleep, like I was in a deep sleep but still aware of everything around me so still tired today.

Cant really see any big changes in my smoking habits just yet although I'm not sure if I'm smoking out of habit or craving really. I'm still thinking of them as 'rewards' so am reading Allen Carr again, hoping that it sinks in.

Quit day currently set for Monday. I have check in with the chemist on Tuesday so I'd love to get a low carbon monoxide reading then to spur me on.

Today can be summed up as 'Meh'.


Oooh, I'd forgotten about the affect champix had on sleeping, for the first couple of weeks I was pretty zombied out, then, I started sleeping really well and had the most wonderfully vivid, technicolour dreams - I even had one where I went on a "smoking holiday" for doing so well in my quit!!!!!! I'd forgotten about the farts too :o I was about 10 days in when I stopped smoking, I just thought, I'm not going to smoke today - and I haven't since. If you've never had any issues with depression you should be ok on the tablets but your cessation advisor should have taken this into account before prescribing them for you.


Well, here checking in for day 10, official quit day.

Have been feeling so so tired over the last few days and have been in bed by 9pm (usually around 12am!). I've noticed cigarettes gradually tasting worse and by yesterday I still had 9 left in the pack when i was ready to go up to bed but then I ended up being on the phone for an hour and smoked 4 - I don't even know why I just always smoke when I'm on the phone.

So today, I got up and didn't fancy one at all. I lit one later than I usually would just out of habit and had half of it. It was horrible. Everyone I walked past seemed to be smoking this morning and they definitely smelled worse than usual and truth be told it just looks trashy and nasty.

I have 2 left now, my mouth tastes completely disgusting and I'd usually just have a chewing gum and forget about it but deliberately trying not to so it puts me off more today.

I plan on watching the Allen Carr dvd again today while I smoke my last two then that's it.

Goodbye stinky fags, hello minty fresh!

I really thought that I'd be dreading this day but I don't really feel anything at the moment, maybe I'm in a better frame of mind this time.


Go on Gemma you can do it!!

Fags *are* revolting, they're stinky, they're hugely bad for you and you don't need them!!

You are better than them - it does look nasty, because it is, wandering about with a burning stick in your mouth? Ick!!


So that's it. As of 12.30pm today I am a non smoker!

I just brought my youngest home from nursery and he has never once touched my cigarettes but whilst I was putting the coats away, he grabbed the pack, took the last one out and snapped it in half. I wasn't even bothered!!

So I helped him to snap it in half, took the small bit that was left, went outside, lit it, took 3 puffs and threw it away. I wasn't even bothered that my last cigarette was 'ruined'. That is some definite progress right there!

My mouth tastes worse than ever and a combination of 5 cups of tea and 5 half cigarettes have left me with that nasty yellow fag tongue. I've actually taken a photo of it incase I'm ever tempted and it's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I really hope noone gets hold of my phone lol


Yay, that's fantastic. Welcome to the freedom road Gemma and what an absolutely fabulous idea to take a picture of you tongue.

I used to think it was the coffee I'd drunk, can you believe that! I was amazed when my tongue was lovely and pink after I'd quit and stayed that way :D

Here's to the two Gemma's, long may they remain free

Molly x


That is fab Gemma, you've made the right choice!! :)

Good luck, and don't forget to post here whenever you like!!


Thanks so much for your support, it really means a lot.

Just had lunch would usually be walking outside now, but craving went after a minute of distraction


Sounds like the champix is really working FF30 :) nice one, come and join the January Freedom Fighters social group there's loads of us on there and lots of support xx


Thanks so much for your support, it really means a lot.

Just had lunch would usually be walking outside now, but craving went after a minute of distraction

That's fab, distraction is the key to it :)


Another Gemma off and running, enjoy the new you and all it brings :)


So, here we go again!! Almost a year later and life has changed a lot but I'm ready to go for it again.

Last quit lasted 6 months and ended when it came to a choice between hitting my cheating ex and lighting it's probably good that I'm back here again rather than the alternative but annoying none the less haha!

Despite the challenges I'm in good spirits, very happy with my new life and looking forward to getting rid of this addiction once and for all.

I'm currently on day 5 of my 2nd round of Champix so not quite at full dosage yet. Not setting a quit date for next week yet just seeing how I get on. So far a little bit of nausea in the mornings again after taking it but nothing major and my mood is pretty good. They are starting to taste a lot worse already.

I've stocked up on ice lollies which became by fag replacements for cravings last time and I'm hoping to get a good brain washing from this forum! I have lots of advertising etc to do for work, I'm redecorating the entire house and I'm learning to sew so I can eventually make clothes. Lots to keep me occupied and I'm looking forward to more money in my pocket too.


Good for you. The stop smoking clinics recommend quitting on day 14 of Champix, and to always take the pills with a little food (to stop the nausea). Making it to 6 months last time shows you can succeed.


Quick update, day 7. Went over to a friends house last night for a girls night in, had a great time and although I only smoked about 5 cigs all night (not much for a drinking night) my chest felt a lot heavier than usual when I woke up this morning. Have had about 5 so far today and they taste horrible but I'm doing it out of habit and for a 'break' from the decorating I'm doing. Feel like im sort of forcing myself after the first few puffs so although I don't want to really finish them, I want my last few days of smoking to be as horrible as possible so I can remind myself when the cravings start next week.


I've lost my last couple of replies do giving it another go quickly before I go to sleep. Day 10 feeling good health wise but it's been on of the most stressful weeks ever. My youngest boy is really struggling behaviour wise and is being referred to an educational psychologist, everything has been a battle ground and he hasn't bern sleeping much which means I haven't either. Anyway. Today I thought it was quit day. I got to 9.30pm without even thinking about it but I'd been to see what was the intimidating and high profile client I've ever seen and it was stressful, I got through it but by the time I got to pick the kids up and go home my friend offered me one and I couldn't say no.

Always tomorrow though. Onwards and upwards.


haha I wish I could! Katie Price would be an absolute delight and much less scary!

Today is a new day. I'm feeling pretty grim after a later night and I have the feeling of having smoked 40 fags the night before even though it was abut 4 and lighter than I'd usually have too. Think this is it. Today's the day. Plan of action is to just not think about it. I have loads to keep me busy and I think the champix is really working it's magic now.

Thanks for the support xx


Just wanted to update here as it might help people wanting to use champix in the future.

I'm now on day 15 smoke free and feeling great! Cravings are minimal maybe 3 big ones a day but nothing I can't get through. I found I started the dread taking the evening tablet a bit because of the nausea/fuzziness I have for 1/2-1hr after taking it so decided to cut the dose to one tablet a day. My stomach doesn't love champix as much as I do but it's well worth it.

If you're reading this wondering if it might be for you, I would really encourage you (if you're medically suitable of course!) to give Champix a try.


Always eat a biscuit before popping the pill.. It worked for me previously


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