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6 weeks cold turkey now. Quitters flu !!

For 4 weeks now I have had symptoms that mirror that of quitters flu, cannot seem to shift it, has anyone else had it after giving up (I've gone complete cold turkey)

Symptoms are -

Sinus pain


Sore throat

Blocked nose then runny nose

Extreme tiredness

Sleeping problems

General feeling of being unwell = joint aches etc

I look terrible, I am sure this has to run it's course, but can anyone else tell me if they experienced the same, what helped them ease it?

Thanks in advance guys, and I hope you are all safe and well...

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It's unlikely that this ailment is quit related. From what I know, withdrawal lasts from 3 days to 2 weeks, and a normal cold lasts about 10 days. Many of us have gotten sick after quitting but it runs it's course in a normal amount of time.

I don't want to waste your time speculating about what it could be, because I have no medical training at all. So go see your doctor if it is persistent, and they should be able to discuss with you all the options of diagnosing and treating whatever is nagging you.


yeah most of that happened to me, and my glands were up for 5 weeks! feel much better now. probs felt better after 6 weeks?

If its mild and chronic i would say its quitting. If its severe I would say go GP and get checked out, I did actually thinking about it! xx


Feel for you - Ive got the lurgy too - hope you feel better soon!


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